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Panagis  Koutalianos

( The background soundtrack "O koutalianos" is composed by M. Loizos
and L. Papadopoulos in the memory of Panagis Koutalianos )

Panagis -or Panais- Koutalianos was born in Koutalis (Ekinlik) in 1847. 

He was a man of herculean power which became known while he was working on a big ship. The anchors of the ship were tangled with those of another and while 10 men couldn't untangle them, Panagis Koutalianos did the job all by himself.

Some time later he went to France where he became a student of the famous wrestling teacher Bernardt.
He learned to fight and he traveled all over the world as a weight lifter and wrestler. 

He married and stayed for many years in Buenos Aires and he was never defeated in any of the fights either in America or Europe. He died in 1916.

He is a sort of a legend and many posters and sketches showing him fighting have been saved. You can find some of the posters and sketchers below.